Who We Are

A deadly virus infected the world, stopped the whole world in its tracks and changed how we live, things are not the same anymore.


But from the ashes of despair, 4 people got together.


4 people with the will, perseverance and determination to bring something. Something good, something savory, something thick & juicy.


We realized that we can’t stand alone, we must stand together to support each other, without the need of capitalists and corporations that have brainwashed our minds since the Industrial Revolution, to make us feel that we need them, their limited mentalities that only take away so much yet leave so little to the rest of us.


Technology has taught us that we can be taught, that when we share our ideas and help each other to grow, we can all learn and be the best that we can be.


And while we go into hiding all afraid and cautious, our minds and our thoughts expand into the vast space of the world wide web and we found the courage to express our passion and love.


To own something that is ours, a brand, a business, a name. To make ourselves seen, to be recognized for our own hard work and strengths, to realize that we can do anything, and build our own name, our own brand, homemade, just by us.


We give you, GIGIT, A Sausage Production.


We want to improve the way you enjoy sausages, homemade, our way. Our brand is rustic, like how home should be - natural, rough, aged, and casual.


We believe that food is sexy - its juices, that umami flavor that ignites in your mouth, mixed with different herbs and spices that will make you drool.


All mixed up together in a combination of pure awesomeness that you just can't resist but to have more. The perfect mixture to give you a mouthgasm.


People need a way to explain how much pleasure comes from just enjoying good food, and we hope to give the same, with our wieners.


We want to make a difference, and we hope that with your support and help, we will not only focus on making our sausages taste good, but to also make a impact around us like you have with us.


Thank you for believing in us.