Hand Made to Perfection



Each and every sausage is made through the tedious process of mincing, mixing, stuffing, linking, and drying.


We spared no expenses in making sure the whole process results in a perfectly traditional home-made wiener because good sausages come in all shapes and sizes, just how nature intends.


Natural Sheep Casings



We pride ourselves in using only natural sheep casings imported from Australia. We don’t use any artificial ingredients and that means for our casings too.


Our natural casing guarantees to give you the snappy bite we all love. No corners cut; standards preserved to the last bite!


Halal Certified Ingredients



We’re on the way to be Halal certified folks but fret not, we use only ingredients certified by JAKIM.


Both our local and imported produce are specifically chosen yield the best quality. We use both local and imported to support the local industry and present the best quality we can achieve.


Vacuum Seal Packaging



We are committed in ensuring that our sausages are preserved in mint condition so that when you cut open a pack, its as if it was just linked and dried.


There is no room for any decline in quality. We make it, we vacuum pack it, we freeze it. Naturally preserving it until its time for that sausage party.


Our Cuts of Meat

Chicken Leg



Whole boneless Chicken leg is in arguably the best part of a chicken. The tastiest, juiciest, most succulent cut.


Now imagine your favorite dark meat drumstick and thigh in herbs, spices and cooked to perfection and presented as a sausage.


Australian Beef Chuck Roll



Australian is internationally recognised in food safety and animal health standards and world renowned in product integrity.


The chuck roll is great for steaks given its tenderness and rich beefy flavour. Who would say no to this cut in their sausage? Plus, it’s even better when mixed with Beef Rump.


Australian Rump



Rump is renowned for its  healthy and wholesome vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids whilst being superior in taste when it comes to dark red meat.


Now, you wouldn’t order 2 steaks in a restaurant, would you? Well, you might but why not 2 of the best cuts in 1 sausage!


Australian Lamb Shoulder



Fully grass-fed on pastured lands, drinking from indigenous fresh water sources that locals claim gives the lamb its distinctively tender and enhances flavour in its meat.


You know its tasty, you know its healthy and packed with nutrients. We might not enjoy the lamb’s serene environment, but we can enjoy how good they taste.


Australian Beef Fat



We all like marbling so why not more? Why savour the taste when you can have it in every single bite?


Our imported beef fat is packed with nutrients and flavour that melts as you cook the sausages. It doesn’t get any better than this.